Williams Interactive (WMS)

williams interactive wms slotsWMS – Williams Interactive is a game studio that is currently owned by a huge I-gaming company called Scientific Games Corporation, before 2013, WMS was a self-standing company before it got acquired by one of the giants.

About Williams Interactive (WMS)

This game studio has been developing slot machine not only for the online casino business but also for the offline casino business, they bring forth a number of interesting innovations that are definitely worth mentioning. For WMS, not all of you might instantly fall in love with all of their games, here at bestonlineslotmachines.com, we wouldn’t say that their slots have such a wide reach as many other slot machine providers do, however they do have a very loyal crowd, by this we draw the conclusion that the ones that actually start to like their games won’t really ever stop liking them, many of their concepts and graphics might require quite some taste, however if it’s the right slot machines for you, then they are 100% right for you! Apart from making reviews about our favorite online slot machines from Williams Interactive, we will also get into some of their innovations which we think are really worth mentioning!

Williams Interactive innovation series for online slot machines

For us here at bestonlineslotmachines.com we really believe that every provider should thrive to be unique in its own way and not just create online slot machines to get a share of the current market. Williams Interactive does this very good with their innovation series and manages to attract a very loyal crowd due to this!

Our favorite innovation from Williams Interactive has to be the “Colossal Reels” functionality which they implemented in a few of their games, worth mentioning are Zeuz1000, Spartacus and Lunaris, which are all great slots and can be found at Casumo.com together with an exclusive welcome offer if you are interested in trying this slot machine feature out! The traditional slot machine has only one set of reels, the most common format is 5 reels and 3 rows, however with colossal reels you get another huge set of reels next to the standard one, which spins at the same time as you spin the slot machine.

This explains in short what the colossal reel innovation is all about, however note that in the games, more functionalities are integrated in between the regular reel set and the colossal reels, one of the most common ones are that wilds are transferred from the regular reel set to the colossal reels, which can actually end up in totally amazing winnings! Another great innovation from Williams Interactive is the double money burst, which can be seen in the slot machine: Fire Queen, this functionality basically sets the reel set to have one upper and one lower initial reel set, and then from reel 3 to 5 the slot is all together again, this way, if reel 3 to 5 is having great symbol combinations, you might actually end up basically doubling the win amount in difference from what you would have won if the slot didn’t have the split reels in the beginning.

Williams Interactive has several more innovations that are great fun, however here at bestonlineslotmachines.com, we deeply recommend the colossal reels and double money burst innovations, should you want to try them out, check out our listed casino sites for exclusive welcome offers to give you a head start!