Wild North slot

wild north slotWild North was released around end of summer 2015, this online slot machine has an arctic feeling to it with very calming background music. The higher paying symbols are packed with animals such as reindeers, bears, Lynxes, wolfs and owls and the lower paying symbols are letters and numbers, which is very classic and commonly used as low paying symbols in many online slot machines, independent of theme.

The bonus feature in this game revolves around all the animals that can be seen on the high paying symbols. There is indeed something very special about this bonus feature, which we here at bestonlineslotmachines.com really loves, and that is actually that the whole game itself is pretty much only about getting to the bonus feature and playing with it, actually, according to stats you should statistically get into the bonus game once in every 30 spins, which is really often!

To get into the bonus feature of this slot you need 3 northern lights scatter symbols to appear on the reels, these symbols only appear on reel 1,3 and 5, and as we said, in this online slot machine this tend to happen very often which is really exciting! Once you get into the bonus feature you encounter bonus feature wheel where you will win one of seven different bonus features.

Wild North’s bonus features:

  • The great wilderness bonus feature – reel 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be covered by MEGA symbols that are 16 times bigger than a normal symbol! So one of these symbols could potentially cover all symbols on reel 2 to 5, now if you end up with wilds or matching symbols on reel 1, you could be in for a huge win! This feature comes with 3 free spins.
  • Wild lynx bonus feature – In this feature, up to 2 reels will be covered entirely with wild symbols, which could also definitely open up for some winnings, though not as big as the previous feature. This bonus keeps on spinning 3 times as well.
  • Running reindeer bonus feature – this feature stacks up the reindeer symbol, basically when you spin all of a sudden the reindeer can entirely cover the complete 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel. Should this stacking feature end up covering the entire 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel, or alternatively create a 3×3 combination, then you will be awarded another spin. If you are lucky enough you could end up spinning for quite a while with this feature, which is of course very entertaining and could pay very well, seeing that the reindeer symbol is the highest paying symbol!
  • Savage bear bonus feature – this feature only continues for 1 spin. Just before the spin you will be given a random multiplier up to 30x the winning amount for the coming spin, now this can definitely excite a lot! If you know that you are going to have 20x or more multiplication on your coming spin, you will sit and follow every single pixel movement the slot does in the coming spin for sure!
  • Wolf pack bonus feature – a 2×2 wolf symbol will appear anywhere on the reels, if any other wolf symbols appear on any position on the reels you get a re-spin, this, as well as Running reindeer bonus is one that you can really learn to love if you ever end up with loads of re-spins, which can be very entertaining.
  • Eyes of the Owl bonus feature – this one is very interesting! Two large 2×2 Owl symbols will appears and stick on the reels, should you not win anything at all on the first spin, the slot machine will actually keep on spinning until you win! This might not always give the highest win, but keep in mind that you might have a pretty high chance of getting 5 owls in a row on several pay lines with this feature.
  • Northern lights bonus game – To the final and most appreciated bonus feature in this marvelous online slot machine, you have a chance to collect several of the already mentioned bonus features at the same time! You are presented 20 symbols that are all flipped over, now you choose any of the symbols, one at a time, for a chance to win any of the earlier mentioned bonus features in the slot machine, in this feature, some of the symbols that are turned over might also represent hidden winnings!

As you can see, there is a lot to say about Wild North, it is an amazing game for the slot machine lovers that are really into exploring slot machines that has a lot of features and depth in general to it. We do recommend this slot machine for everyone to try out as it is so exciting and it is really impossible to not have a fun time.