Tower Quest slot

tower quest slotPlaynGO put a lot of effort into delivering Tower Quest to provide something that has a theme that suits the gaming society a bit more, which we think is mind-blowing! Watching this slot when you play is amazing, there is so much happening, and there is so much to do in this game. Firstly, we start off in the main game screen, where there is a reel set with 5 reels and 3 rows, you will find 3 different types of symbols, the high paying symbols are warriors with different fantasy factions such as orc, undead and elves.

We also have the low paying symbols which are random letters, and then we have potions! The potions are very key to this slot machine and is one of the reasons that we here at had a great time with this game. To the left and right of the reel set, you will find 2 tubes, in the right tube you will store all red potions that you get on the reels, and then the left tube is for storing blue potions.

Whenever you have gathered enough potions inside the game, you can choose to activate the potion features, the red potion features always contains 5 free spins, together with that there is an extra feature that depends on how many potions you collected before you decided to trigger the feature, we deeply recommend always filling up the tubes to the max to have the most fun from the features! The blue potion features always contains 1 free spin, however the extra feature here is much more extraordinary than the red potion features, actually if you fill the left tube with 15 blue potions and then activate the feature, you will end up having one single spin where reel 1,3 and 5 is ENTIRELY covered with wilds, this is truly amazing and can generate huge winnings. Another positive note about the potions is that you gather them very quickly, you can actually get up to 3 potions every spin if not even more!

Tower quest has Blizzard’s Hearthstone lookalike inside an online slot machine!

Another great feature from this slot is the main bonus game, which is a lot like Blizzard’s table game called Hearthstone. To get into the bonus game of this slot machine you need to gather 3 scatter symbols, this is the symbol with the purple magician in it, note that this symbol only appears on reel 1,3 and 5, however we still got the feeling that this does still happen quite often. When in the bonus game, you get to choose between a male or female elven fighter to fight against the evil magician and take over the tower!

To fight the magician, you are dealt with 6 cards in your hand, and the magician the same, after this you get to roll 3 dices which in turn will pick what cards you will take from your hand to put on the table and fight against the magicians cards. Each card has a damage and health score, each time any of your card dies fighting the magicians card, you will lose 1 of your 6 health points that you started off the game with. Note that for each enemy card that you kill, you get a random coin win. To win big in this bonus game, you have to kill the magician before he kills you, note that he starts off with 10 health points, and you only start off with 6, so it is not an easy task, however if you manage you are greatly rewarded!