thunderkick slotsThunderkick is a rather new slot machine software provider, they have only been in the business for around 3 years now. The creator of Thunderkick was before this, in a very good position at NetEnt, which is one of the industry leading slot machine providers. Thunderkick isn’t that big today, however we see great potential in them, mainly because they are amazingly innovative and comes up with unique ideas that no other providers would ever even dare to try.

Today there are lots of slot machine providers that basically does the same thing, they copy from each other and create classic slot machines with 5 reels and 3 rows where you get free spins. This is the stereotype of a slot machine. And many providers do this just to take a share of the online casino business, not really to bring it forward or to innovate, which we think is a shame! Thunderkick does it right, they come in to the slot machine business and just shines with uniqueness and tries out completely different ideas.

The downside of being as creative and small as they are today, is that when they create the slot machines from their ideas the innovation might not shine all the way through to the player experience other than in the graphics. Though, we do believe that in due time, Thunderkick will definitely pick up on delivering their ideas and start executing on all levels in their games. Now, we are really not saying that their slot machines are bad, they are awesome already! This means that when they actually do get all details right as well, their slot machines are going to blow your mind.

Slot machines from Thunderkick!

Let’s have a look at some of their best performing slot machines today. To start off we have a slot machine called Fruit Warp. Fruit Warp is one of their well-known innovations, it got very popular amongst several casino sites due to its amazing graphics and also because of the fact that Thunderkick just decided to not care at all about having a reel set for the slot. Instead of having the classic reel set, they decided to just throw fruits on the screen! It sounds amazingly simple, but sometimes simple is good, you win by simply getting 3 or more fruits of the same sort at the same time. If you get 4 of the same fruit, all other fruits will “re-spin”, if you get 1 more of the same fruit you start the feature!

You can also instantly start the feature by getting 5 fruits initially, so it’s a nice addition that the slot machine gives you more chance of getting to the bonus round by re-spinning all other fruits when you only get 4 of them.

Another slot that is worth mentioning is 1429 Unchartered seas, which is a pirate themed slot machine with one of the highest theoretical payouts in the online slot machine industry! Yes, actually Bloodsuckers was famous for its stunning RTP% which was at 98%, however this slot machine takes it even further, all the way up to 98.6! Now, a change of 0.6% might not sound like that much, but look at it from the other side instead. On bloodsuckers, the casino has 2% margin, and on 1429 Unchartered seas, they only have 1.4, which means that they make 30% less from this slot machine than from bloodsuckers. If you like to play for a long time, with low and consistent winnings then you should definitely give 1429 Unchartered seas a try!
birds on a wire

Best Games

One of their more volatile titles, which is our absolute favorite from Thunderkick, is Birds on a wire, this slot shows as well that Thunderkick are amazing innovators, and just loves to make fun and entertaining concepts that are unique. This online slot machine has 3 phone line wires on it which, after every spin, has a bunch of birds in different colors and shapes landing on it, if you win, then the winning symbols explode (yes, the birds explode and make really fun sound) and new birds flies to the same position.

After every consecutive win where the birds explode, your upcoming possible winnings are being multiplied by either 2,3 and 5 times in a sequence. The bonus symbol in the game is a cat in a box, that magically enough also comes flying, if you get 3 or more of these cats in the same spin it will trigger the free spin feature where you have a chance of winning even more than in the base game.

If you are interested in trying these games out, join any of the below casino sites and take part of their welcome bonuses for even more fun! All of the below listed casino sites offer Thunderkick games!

  • Thrills Casino
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  • Kaboo Casino
  • Mr Green

Good luck, and have fun playing the Thunderkick games!