Play’N GO

play-n-go slotsPlaynGO has been present in the online slot machine business since late-nineties/early-2000, providing steady and entertaining products for the online casinos, today they have a huge presence around Europe and their slot machines can be found on many the bigger casino sites that are live today.

This company took a very early approach to having a complete mobile solution for their slot machines, this obviously paid off very generously today when several other huge providers might be struggling with delivering their slots to other channels than computers, as we walk towards the future people are using tablets and mobile phones even more, hence we at shows appreciation for providers like PlaynGO that can give customers a seamless experience no matter where the customer might be trying to play from.

To our taste, we have also noticed that this provider started delivering some exciting and fun online slot machines since early 2014, we will review our Favorites below which is: Tower Quest, Wild North and Gemix! There are also several other slot machines that we find very exciting such as Golden Ticket, Pearls of India and Mystery Joker and many more. Try these games out at, a trusted UK casino site which has great exclusive welcome offers and an amazing customer experience!

The famous Playngo gamble feature!

Every single slot that is offered from PlaynGO has a gamble feature. This is great for the ones of you that wish to up the stakes a bit and walk away from the casino either empty handed, or with a fortune! Instead of simply pressing the spin button over and over again, every time you win anything you have the possibility to double, triple or quadruple your winnings.

There are 2 different gamble features, and they differ in between slots. The most common gamble feature is where you get to choose what color or suit a card has before it’s turned over, if you guess the color correctly your winnings are doubled, and if you were daredevil enough and guessed on a suit instead, if you are correct your winnings are quadrupled. There is another gamble feature offers on some of PlaynGO Slot Machines, in this gamble feature you have the possibility to either double or triple your winnings, if you decide that you want to try to double your winnings, you are presented with 4 symbols next to each other, this symbol is often taken from the slot machines main game so you will for sure recognize it.

The next step is to choose one of the 4 symbols, note that 2 of the symbols will take all your current winnings, and the 2 other symbols will double your winnings! If you decide to try and triple your winnings, you are instead presented with 3 symbols where only 1 of the symbols are correct. Another good point about this providers legendary gamble features is that you can do them several times after each other, here at we have heard stories from some of our customers who managed to double their winnings over 7-8 times and ended up with humongous winnings! This is definitely a feature for the ones of you who wishes to spice up your casino activity to the next level!