Gemix slot

gemix slotGemix was released in 2014, and has since then been the major winner in terms of activity across all casino sites for Playngo. This slot machine doesn’t have the normal reel set, and doesn’t work close to the same way as traditional slots. This type of slot machine is called a grid slot, in Gemix you won’t see any pay lines or reels in the same sense as you would normally see. Symbols drops down from above on a 7×7 reel set, and the only thing you have to look after initially, is if any identical symbols are linked together in a group of 5 or more, if that’s the case, the symbols will generate winnings and then explode.

After the symbols explode, all symbols above the position drops down and new symbols are added to same game round to fill up the void that was created from the win. Since new symbols are added upon every win, this means that you can actually end up winning several times in a row without spinning more than once. This is the base game of Gemix, on top of this we have a vast amount of additional bonus features and progressions that just keeps on adding even more excitement to the slot machine.

Every subsequent winning combination that you get in a single game round contributes to a crystal charge meter, if you manage to fully charge this meter, after your spin no longer contains any winning combinations you are given a special feature.

Gemix crystal meter features!

  • Nova blast – One random symbol explodes, destroying and transforming nearby symbols!
  • Crystal warp – One symbol is targeted and all symbols identical to this one transforms into other symbols, which opens up possibilities for even more winnings!
  • Light beam – One symbol shoots out a diagonal light beam which transforms all hit symbols to other symbols.
  • Chain lighting – 2 corner symbols connects in a chain lightning and all hit symbols are being transformed to one of the 2 connecting corner symbols.

Another magic thing about the crystal charge meter, is that if you manage to win on up to 40 symbols before running out of winning combinations on the reels, the crystal meter gets super charged and all winnings are multiplied by 3x!

Should you somehow not do very well in this amazing slot machine, and end up with some spins with no winnings at all, rest assure that one of 3 magical characters will rise up and help you out! Depending on how much you have progressed in Gemix, this feature behaves differently, however regardless of what feature is active here, it will always open up possibilities for huge winnings, even when you thought that you were initially loosing!

On the back of the 7×7 reel set, some of the positions are marked with a square, all of these squares forms a pattern behind all symbols, when you have managed to get an exploding symbol on each and every square on the current pattern, a new pattern arises. After you have managed to clear 3 of these patterns, you are awarded a world bonus, which is a set amount of winnings that depends solely on how much you have won in the current world. After the world bonus has been awarded will be taken to the next level where you start over again with trying to fill out a new pattern, in this world the feature that randomly occurs in losing game rounds is changed to a new version.

Here at, we love adventure and deeply recommend all other slot machine adventurers out there to give Gemix a shot if you haven’t already, make sure to sign up with any of our trusted casino sites for a great welcome offer to start off with, you will for sure have a good time ahead, and who knows? Maybe you will walk away from this adventure with a chest of gold!